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Marketing opportunities

With Wasco you will achieve more in 2023!

Dear partner,

The fact that we are experiencing turbulent times needs no further explanation. So it goes without saying that we need each other even more than usual. Managing expectations and opportunities regarding delivery times, availability and price changes seem so obvious, but often are not. By seeking cooperation even more emphatically, together we are also able to find time to discuss opportunities and positively influence our joint business.

From a marketing point of view, we listed everything. We have put everything together in this browsable brochure to provide a simplified overall. It is also unfortunately insurmountable that inflation has also caused rising prices in marketing.

On behalf of the Wasco Purchasing and Marketing team, I wish you great business.

Director of Purchasing & Marketing

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2023 Marketing opportunities

The ways in which we can communicate keep growing. So too at Wasco. We offer a range of options in promoting your brand on our website, in our printed publications and also via various local resources.

At Wasco, we take a close look at what is the best way to communicate with your and our clients, both online and offline. The options are extensive. Let us explain more.

2023 Marketing opportunities

Sharing knowledge together

Wasco is highly specialised and we are keen to share our expertise with our client base. Your knowledge can also be part of that.

Get in touch with your contact at Wasco and see how you can piggyback on Wasco’s marketing themes.

Wasco's thema campaigns

Why Wasco?

Direct contact
Get in direct contact with your client. Online and/or offline.

High client value
Reach clients who are actually interested.

Anything is possible!
From campaign-based to structural collaborations.

Anything is possible. Challenge us!

Are you launching a new product or want to raise brand awareness? Besides all the standard Wasco marketing options, there is much more to discover. Loyalty deals, test panels and even biscuit tins, it’s all possible with Wasco! Together we assess demand and decide on the best way to contextualise it.

Would you also like to share your products and know-how with our fitters? Or would you like to know how you can capitalise on Wasco’s marketing themes? If so, get in touch with your contact person at Wasco. We can then sit down together and assess the options on how to promote your brand.

Marketing opportunities