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Go further with Wasco in 2022!

Dear partner,

Wasco takes marketing extremely seriously. With you as our partner we can reach every client, be they big or small. Our message is segmented and fine-tuned and works in tandem with a focused, client-centric approach. We then convert this into four primary themes and fantastic deals. All the more so, seeing as these days most interaction has to be on-screen, together we will make a positive, focused difference.

Here’s to doing good business together.

Jan Bijnen
Director Procurement & Marketing  

Download marketing options 2022

2022 marketing options

The ways in which we can communicate keep growing. So too at Wasco. We offer a range of options in promoting your brand on our website, in our printed publications and also via various local resources. At Wasco we carefully assess the optimum form of communication with your client, both online and offline.

The options are extensive. Let us explain more.

What’s the message you wish to convey?

That is Wasco’s starting point. That is what we literally and figuratively contextualize, based on different themes.

These themes are spread out throughout the year, to give each one maximum focus and exposure. The bedrock to the themes is knowledge-sharing.

Wasco's themes

Share knowledge

Wasco is highly specialized and we are keen to share our expertise with our client base. And your knowledge forms an essential part of that too.

Get in touch with your contact person at Wasco to see how you can jump onboard Wasco’s marketing themes.

Why Wasco?

 Direct contact | Get in direct contact with your client. Online and/or offline.
High client value | Approach clients with genuine interest only.
Everything is possible! | From campaign-oriented, to structural, partnerships.

Questions? Get in touch!

Countless marketing and market development options in the offing. For example, are your products the better choice when it comes to sustainable construction and installation? Or, are you looking for a slightly different way to approach the fitter? Wasco is keen to think along proactively with you. Together we’ll achieve more!

Wasco 50+2 years old!
The first event has been allowed to take place again. Wasco’s James Bond VIP evening (1 October 2021) was a great success! The party will continue in 2022. we are celebrating and putting everyone in the spotlight: with festive deals, a sun-drenched BBQ and the Wasco Experience.

Wasco 50+2 years old