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The Wasco website is under constant review, providing you with ever-increasing opportunities to promote your brand. Our clients visit our website to find information on products and to place orders of course, but more and more, they are also on the look out for sector-related information and knowledge. You can be part of that too!

82.000 unique visitors a month
(an increase of 4,8% compared to last year)

More than 1.480.000 page views a month 
(13% more page views compared to last year)

* Average wasco.nl figures, based on the period 01-08-2020 to 31-07-2021

Product info

Are you launching a new product, or want to promote a particular product? If so, opt for an advertorial. This is a great way to focus attention on your product info. You will, e.g., be on the website, and included in the Wasco newsletter.

How is your product promoted?

Based on your input, we create a flyer for our Sales team. They then take these along to their clients, or send it on. You will also be given a short article in the Wasco newsletter. This article links to the full news article on Wasco.nl.

Via this news article the products can be directly sourced and placed in the shopping basket by the client. The news article can also be accessed on the news overview page.

News page specifications

  • News overview page – Banner large block: 878*340 px
  • News overview page – Banner small block: 301,5*117,75 px
  • News page – Main banner: 878*340 px
  • News page – Images: 400*400 px
  • News page – Article image: 200*200 px

Images can be sent to: productcontent@wasco.nl
More info about the specifications in the Wasco newsletter.

Placing banners on Wasco.nl

Category banners are placed on (one of) the following pages: Heating, Sanitary fittings, Parts, Air Conditioning, Ventilation or Sustainable. Within these categories you can select a subcategory, and within the subcategory you can choose a listing page. You reach a specific target group on the listing page. In this way you are guaranteed to reach those that match your product!


  • Category page: 1238*190.5 px

Images can be sent to: productcontent@wasco.nl

All eyes on your banner

There are various pages to place your banner on. The more specific the page, the more focused reach of your target group. In this way you are guaranteed to reach those that match your product!

Your brand is your identity

Behind every product is a brand, your brand. Finding plenty of information about your product is a given, but you also want your client base to get to know your brand as well of course. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to tell your story on our website, so our clients know what you’re all about.

Wasco.nl brand page - Promote your brand

We are glad to help you do so on the Wasco.nl brand page

What does your brand embody? Perhaps there’s a special narrative behind the foundation of your company, or there are other products the client should know about. This information can all be listed on our website’s brand page. Allowing the clients to become acquainted with your unique brand.


  • Banner: 1183*429 px
  • Logo: 236*236 px
  • Article image: 200*200 px
  • Content blocks banner: 583*340

Images can be sent to: productcontent@wasco.nl