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Social media

Reach your target group over the weekend as well as on weekdays. Our ‘fans’ are online every day. Which means it’s easier to keep them updated outside of business hours. Keep them in the loop about differtent kind of brands and products at all times.

Facebook: > 2.100 followers (50% growth compared to last year)

LinkedIn: > 6.000 followers (50% growth compared to last year)

Instagram: 0 followers  

Our ‘fans’ are online every day.

In this day and age, social media has very much become the norm. Countless people visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms several times a day. It’s where we source our information and seek interaction. Our client base is no different. It’s an opportunity to boost your recognition and share stuff with the target group. Enabling you to reach potential clients.  

And, at Wasco it’s no different. New products, developments, instruction videos and much more … we are delighted to knowledge share with our client base via several mediums. We deploy different messages for all these mediums, as each one caters to a different target group. And as imagery is steadily gaining ground, Wasco is looking to further investigate the possibilities Instagram has to offer, as  video is playing an ever-important role. Giving us 24/7 contact with our client base. By placing your messages with us you can also inform the clients outside of business hours; keeping them in the loop at all times.