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Wasco newsletter

Email remains a powerful medium to communicate with clients. With a high opening percentage and high loyalty, the Wasco newsletter offers you direct contact with the client.

+/- 10.000 subcribers

Newsletter 5x per month 
1x per month a generic Wasco newsletter and 1x per week a Deals newsletter

On average, an opening percentage of 45% 
(Average opening percentage Wholesale, B2B: 32% | Source: National Email Benchmark 2020)

High loyalty 
<1% unsubscription percentage

Wasco newsletter options

Are you looking to promote your (new) product more? That’s possible with a banner or aadvertorial in the newsletter. We send out two different newsletters: 

1. Wasco News
2. Wasco Deals

We get you in direct contact with the client via our newsletter and, depending on your wishes, look where to best place your product.In this way we regularly provide our client base with interesting content, which you can contribute to.


  • Format email newsletter banner: 600 x 200 px.
  • Submit to your Wasco product manager.
  • Material submission: at least one week in advance.