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All 34 Wasco branches have a narrowcasting screen, controlled by our Head Office. This displays commercial and informative messages.  

National reach of > 2,500 clients per day

Do you have an on-screen presence in the branch already?

Narrowcasting is the transmission of information on screens. As opposed to broadcasting, narrowcasting focuses on a specific target group in a specific place.

Every one of our branches has a screen that is controlled by Head Office. On this we display commercial and informative messages. These can either be on a nationwide or regional level.

You can utilise this too, to easily promote your message to your target group. Either on a static page, via animation or even a short clip that will draw the eye even more.


  • Format: 1920*1080 px (please note: leave the bottom 45 pixels free for the ticker)
  • Video MP4: max. 30 sec. Submit sound-free
  • Standard 15 sec.: nationwide but also locally, in a particular branch / within a specific region
  • Material submission: at least two weeks in advance.
  • Submit to your Wasco product manager.