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Wasco Extra Loyalty Scheme

Do your products already participate in the Wasco Extra Loyalty Scheme? Wasco has a loyalty scheme especially for loyal clients, where they can earn points on certain products. Highlight your product too and quickly discover the pros and options of adding your products to the loyalty scheme.

5.000 participants

Highlighting your products

Our loyal clients save for fantastic gifts and events with the Extra Loyalty Scheme. You can ensure they also earn points on your products too, helping them reach their saving objective every time they order that product.

The loyalty scheme covers a range of select products. The client can only earn points when ordering these particular products. These products can be easily identified by the Extra logo on the items in question. It’s for you to decide on the participating products.

Wasco will handle all communication

Wasco regularly highlights special deals and offers. This tells the clients they should buy your product in order to earn points. Did you know there are fixed peak times when points can be redeemed? Promote your product and help clients save for those peak times by buying your products.