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Local marketing

We have 34 branches; each and every one clubhouses for our clients. Hundreds of fitters walk through our doors every day, making our branches the ideal place for you to advertise as a manufacturer.   

34 branches

Daily +/- 80 clients per branch

Approx. 700,000 purchasing clients per annum across the branches

Take advantage of the coffee moment

Aromatic, freshly-ground coffee. Who would say no to that? We want our clients to feel at home. Many regard their local Wasco branch as a clubhouse, where the Wasco staff are seen as colleagues. The clients like to chat with these colleagues about technical queries, and we in turn like to send them on their way with a spring in their step. Which is wherea decent cup of coffee comes into play. We offer aromatic, freshly-ground coffee at each Wasco branch.  

Every year we serve more than 500,000 cups of coffee

Most of these cups of coffee are enjoyed by fitters: your target group! And your brand can be part of that too.

Coffee cups printed with your logo

Half of our coffee cups are printed with the Wasco logo; the other half can be printed with yours. Brands such as Ubbink, Remeha and Ideal Standard have done just that. Curious what the end result looks like?

This photo gives an idea of what one of the cups looks like. But you can of course always pop into a branch and see for yourself!


Client events, knowledge sharing

Wasco endorses knowledge sharing. Which is why we organise various client events at our branches. The ideal opportunity for product promotion. We arrange, for example, stand days, workshops and information sessions. These are held during business hours or at the end of the afternoon, to keep fitters up to speed with sector-related developments, without eating into their day too much.

The ideal opportunity to promote your products or to share your know-how with the clients.

Possible client events

Do you have an on-screen presence in the branch already?

Narrowcasting is the transmission of information on screens. As opposed to broadcasting, narrowcasting focuses on a specific target group in a specific place.

All 34 Wasco branches have a narrowcasting screen, controlled by our Head Office. This displays commercial and informative messages. These can either be on a nationwide or regional level. 

 National reach of > 2,500 clients per day

Specifications narrowcasting

You can utilise this too, to easily promote your message to your target group. Either on a static page, via animation or even a short clip that will draw the eye even more.

  • Format: 1920*1080 px (please note: leave the bottom 45 pixels free for the ticker)
  • Video MP4: max. 30 sec. Submit sound-free
  • Standard 15 sec.: nationwide but also locally, in a particular branch / within a specific region
  • Material submission: at least two weeks in advance.
  • Submit to your Wasco product manager.