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Local marketing

We have 34 branches; each and every one clubhouses for our clients. Hundreds of fitters walk through our doors every day, making our branches the ideal place for you to advertise as a manufacturer.   

34 branches

Daily +/- 80 clients per branch

Approx. 700,000 purchasing clients per annum across the branches

The coffee break

The fitters often regard Wasco staff in the branches as their colleagues. So we think it's paramount they feel at home. Which is where a decent cup of coffee comes into play. At each Wasco branch we offer aromatic, freshly-ground coffee. And your brand can be part of that too.

Coffee with your logo

Client events, knowledge sharing

Wasco endorses knowledge sharing. Which is why we organise various client events at our branches. The ideal opportunity for product promotion. We organise all manner of things, from stand days to information sessions and BBQs. When organising events we always adhere to up-to-date government Covid guidelines. This may mean that some events might be cancelled.

Organising client events

Do you have an on-screen presence in the branch already?

All 34 Wasco branches have a narrowcasting screen, controlled by our Head Office. This displays commercial and informative messages.

More about narrowcasting