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Koppeling shows fitters the way in energy and water transition. With this Wasco publication they remain up to speed with the latest trends, developments, legislation and regulation.

16.000 copies

Nearly 14,000 people get Koppeling posted through their letterbox

3 publications in 2021

The ultimate fitting techniques magazine

Koppeling is a magazine for all those interested in fitting techniques. Via this publication we want to keep everyone in the know about everything sector-related: innovations, news, legislation and much more. In this magazine we place the emphasis on energy transition, water transition, the climate agreement and sustainability.

Promote your brand in Koppeling. You can take out a half or full page spread. This advert will always be knowledge-oriented.

Submission specifications

1/1 page:

  • Trim area: 210*297 mm, bleed about 3 mm
  • Type area: 192*272 mm, bleed about 3 mm

1/2 page:

  • Trim area: 210*148.5 mm
  • Type area: 192*127 mm

Submit material such as Cpdf, full colour to marketing@wasco.nl.
If PDF isn’t possible, then submit as 300 dpi, tiff or jpeg.

Publication dates

  • January 2021 (Final submission date: 15 December 2020)
  • April 2021 (Final submission date: 15 March 2021)
  • November 2021 (Final submission date: 15 October 2021)