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Digital options

Your target group is also online, of course. Enjoy direct contact with our client base via social media, newsletters and other digital options. The great thing about online options is that everything is measurable, so you can see how you’re faring.

+/- 10.000 subcribers

 High loyalty (<1% unsubscription rate)

 > 2.100 followers (50% growth compared to last year)

> 6.000 followers (50% growth compared to last year)

Wasco newsletter

Email is a powerful medium to communicate with clients. With a high opening percentage and high loyalty, the Wasco newsletter offers you direct contact with the client.

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Wasco endorses knowledge-sharing, but during these uncertain times event organising has become somewhat trickier. Which is why we are going to the client! WasCollege regularly holds webinars (with you), so wherever the client may be, they are kept in the loop about interesting topics and products.

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Social media

Reach your target group over the weekend as well as on weekdays. Our 'fans' are online every day. Which means it's easier to keep them updated outside of business hours. Keep them in the loop about your brand and products at all times.

Using social media at Wasco