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Digital options

Your target group is also online, of course. Enjoy direct contact with our client base via social media, newsletters and other digital options. The great thing about online options is that everything is measurable, so you can see how you’re faring.

+/- 9.000 subcribers

 > 2.500 followers (4% growth compared to last year)

> 7.300 followers (22% growth compared to last year)

 Instagram is live! (We now have >400 followers) 

Wasco newsletter

Email remains a powerful medium to communicate with clients. With a high opening percentage and high loyalty, the Wasco newsletter offers you direct contact with the client. We get you in direct contact with the client via our newsletter and, depending on your wishes, look where to best place your product. In this way we regularly provide our client base with interesting content, which you can contribute to.

 On average, an opening percentage of 40%
Average opening percentage Wholesale, B2B: 32% | Source: National Email Benchmark 2021

Are you looking to promote your (new) product more? That’s possible with a banner or advertorial in the newsletter.

  • Format email newsletter banner: 600 x 200 px.
  • Submit to your Wasco product manager.
  • Material submission: at least one week in advance.

We send out two different newsletters: Wasco News & Wasco Deals.

  Newsletter 5x per month
1x per month a generic Wasco newsletter and 1x per week a Deals newsletter

Social media

In this day and age, social media has very much become the norm. Countless people visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms several times a day. It’s where we source our information and seek interaction. Our client base is no different. It’s an opportunity to boost your recognition and share stuff with the target group. Enabling you to reach potential clients.

Our ‘fans’ are online every day

Reach your target group over the weekend as well as on weekdays. Our ‘fans’ are online every day. Which means it’s easier to keep them updated outside of business hours. Keep them in the loop about your brand and products at all times.

Image is becoming more and more important
And, at Wasco it’s no different. New products, developments, instruction videos and much more… We are delighted to knowledge share with our client base via several mediums. We deploy different messages for all these mediums, as each one caters to a different target group. And because images are becoming increasingly important, Wasco started Instagram and video is playing an ever-important role. Giving us 24/7 contact with our client base. By placing your messages with us you can also inform the clients outside of business hours; keeping them in the loop at all times.


Wasco endorses knowledge-sharing, but during these uncertain times event organising has become somewhat trickier. Which is why we are going to the client! WasCollege regularly holds webinars (with you), so wherever the client may be, they are kept in the loop about interesting topics and products.

Organise a webinar
Do you have an interesting topic and/or product? Do you want to share your knowledge? It’s all possible, via our team of trainers. How does it work? We don’t all relish the idea of giving a live presentation. But that’s ok. We can record the webinar in advance. At the point of transmission though several people are available to answer questions live via chat. A webinar lasts no more than 45 minutes.

A webinar can be followed by anyone, anywhere
During the webinar questions are answered directly via chat