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(Loyalty) deals

The Wasco Deals are well-known, but there are many more ways in which to promote your product with Wasco. Together we can assess your requirements and ensure we find the right marketing solution. For example, a delicious Wasco breakfast in the branches. But special deals are also optional, such as the Apenheul Deal in collaboration with Remeha.

Wasco 50+2 years old!
The first event has been allowed to take place again. Wasco’s James Bond VIP evening (1 October 2021) was a great success! The party will continue in 2022. we are celebrating and putting everyone in the spotlight: with festive deals, a sun-drenched BBQ and the Wasco Experience.

Wasco Deals

Wasco Deals is our deal brochure that is packed with products on special offer over a specific period, both in the web shop and across the 34 Wasco branches.

Besides the brochure, focus is drawn to the Deals in other ways too: 1x per week a special deals newsletter is sent out and the products on offer are further promoted across the Wasco branches.

 Wasco Deals are allocated across +/- 10.000 companies, 10x per year

 Wasco Deals newsletter has +/- 9.000 subscribers

Extra focus on deal products

At Wasco we carefully assess the optimum form of communication. This is why we are currently undertaking various A/B tests, to assess optimum client matching. This will facilitate more focused communication on our part, bringing us ever closer to the client.

In addition, CSR is high on our list, with the aim of less and less printed matter. Anyone who receives the deals in their mailbox will no longer receive the Deals brochure by post. Everyone who does receive the brochure in print, we try to transfer to digital.  

Advertising options

  • 1/1 page = max. 6 product images
  • 1/2 page = max. 3 product images
  • 1/3 page = max. 2 product images
  • Individual product image
  • Sales desk boards
  • Leaflets
  • Boiler deals

Submission specifications
Submit images to: media@wasco.nl. Deals are published on the 1st of the month. Material submission: at least two months in advance..

Wasco Extra Loyalty Scheme

Do your products already participate in the Wasco Extra Loyalty Scheme? Wasco has a loyalty scheme especially for loyal clients, where they can earn points on certain products. Our loyal clients save for fantastic gifts and events with the Extra Loyalty Scheme.

5.000 deelnemers

You can ensure they also earn points on your products too, helping them reach their saving objective every time they order that product.

The loyalty scheme covers a range of select products. The client can only earn points when ordering these particular products.

Wasco will handle all communication
Wasco regularly highlights special deals and offers. This tells the clients they should buy your product in order to earn points. Did you know there are fixed peak times when points can be redeemed? Promote your product and help clients save for those peak times by buying your products.