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Customised advertising

There are many more ways in which to promote your product with Wasco. Together we can assess your requirements and ensure we find the right marketing solution. For example, have you seen our biscuit tin yet?

Everything is possible! Put us to the test!

Customised marketing options

Are you launching a new product or want to raise brand awareness? Besides all the standard Wasco marketing options, there is much more to discover. Loyalty deals, test panels and even biscuit tins, it’s all possible with Wasco! Together we assess demand and decide on the best way to contextualise it.  

Business relation event

Are you looking to maintain and strengthen business ties? If so, a business relation event should be top of your list. In partnership with a supplier, Wasco organised a successful family day at Apenheul.


How do you ram home a brand with your client? Ensure it is frequently on show! For example, on the kitchen table or in the canteen. That's what we did with the "Wascookies" with a biscuit tin. It's always on show and is filled with yummy biscuits to boot. Wrapped in logo printed foil for longer freshness. That's how we put the spotlight on a brand together!