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This is what we can do for you

Hospitality is your top priority, just like it is ours! You want your guests to have a carefree stay, one without a worry in the world. That also means that you don’t want to burden them with renovations, repairs or defects. You want to solve these as smoothly and silently as possible. Wasco can help you with this. 

We develop attractive concepts for bathrooms, heating, cooling and ventilation for the hotel industry. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of your industry and also have experience in the field. They will support you in every phase of the design. They are there for you with advice on the latest trends, the optimal layout of a bathroom and the materials and products that you will need. 

Wasco supplies a complete bathroom, but we do so much more. We think ahead and advice you on the subject of maintenance. That is how we make sure you have to spend the least amount of money in the future. We are also indepent of producers, which means that we can offer you more products than the ones that come from just one supplier. 

We help you during the whole course of your project and we stay with you afterwards. Wasco is your reliable partner that guarantees the delivery of spare parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Sustainable choices

We always explore the options of sustainability in our advice, such as the use of sustainable materials, sustainable energy and the responsible use of water. This can lead to real savings in the operating costs of your accommodations. It is also important to consider the Return on Investment (ROI) that applies to the purchase of these products and materials. 

Did you know that…

✔ our project advisors have knowledge, expertise and years
of experience? For example, they can help you with the arrangement of bathrooms for the hotel and leisure industry.

✔ you will always have the same contact who can answer all your questions, who can make an offer and who can provide you with all the relevant technical information?

✔ Wasco can manage your supplies? And that we can deliver within 60 minutes, or even at night? You can reach us 24/7. 

✔ Wasco can provide courses and training for your technical staff?
This way, we can enable them to perform more in-house maintenance,
which can lead to the savings of costs. 

4 Good reasons for choosing Wasco

1. Project support

We can provide you with customized solutions. Involve us during the preliminary design of your plans for new constructions or renovations. We will find the best possible solution to fulfill your wishes together with you and/or your advisor. We are your contact for professional, technical support during design, calculation and quotation. We can also help you with the implementation of and advice on EPC, EPA and EIA. 

2. Product range

With an extensive online shop and more than 30 locations Wasco is always nearby. Our range of 450.000 products ensures that you never miss out. 

3. Inventory management

Do you always want to have the right materials to be available on time without having unnecessary supplies in your warehouse? Wasco likes to help you with this. We keep the items that you regularly need in stock for you. Or we can help you optimize the service stock of technical service by using our RFID Inventory Management System. 

4. Construction logistics

Are you working on renovations or a new construction? Wasco will make sure that your order is delivered correctly, at the right location and on time. Do you have a problem for which there is no standard solution? Wasco likes to surprise you with a customized solution. 


Through our partnership with prefab supplier HPB Prefab Badkamers we can also assist you with prefabricated bathrooms. With prefab you will not only save time and money, but you also market a highly distinctive product. Because of the unique steel cage construction, these prefab bathrooms are very solid, professionally made and easy to install. There are no limitations of dimensions, materials, layout and bathroom fixtures. You decide the appearance and quality of the bathroom. It is possible to design the whole bathroom and produce it in collaboration with your architect.